Second Term Begins

Thursday 17-01-2020 The urge to decorate my space came with full force that I had to leave the notes I was planning to get the ideas rolling in my head out of my head 😂 I’ve moved classes. Long story but let’s get back to this space I now have. This particular place holds beautiful … More Second Term Begins

Single To Stupor

🎶 All the single ladies all the single ladies 🎶 Oya calm down. That’s like the only part I know in that jam 😂 This single life is not an easy sturv let me not lie but it has been a blessing I won’t lie. That I can travel at any time without thinking of … More Single To Stupor

Keeping Hope Alive

I have heard people tell me to give up on Education in Nigeria because no good will ever come from it. They have only said this from a part of them I might never get to experience. Or maybe I have but choose not to let that define the experience of over ten years. I … More Keeping Hope Alive

Holiday Is Here!

We’d see jokes about how ‘ naughty ‘ children are.
We’d hear parents jokingly tell us to come and carry our children.
Suggestions on what to do with our children will be flying around.
Some parents might be confused.
Do I send my children to their Holiday Coaching class? Do I let them stay home? … … More Holiday Is Here!